Coronation Street

Coronation Street star Roberta Kerr reveals more on Wendy’s return in Abi twist

Ken Barlow’s ex is back on the cobbles.

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street actress Roberta Kerr has teased details of Wendy Crozier’s return to the soap.

Kerr recently returned to filming on the ITV set, reprising her role as Ken Barlow’s old flame for the first time since 2012.

Opening up about stepping back onto the cobbles, she admitted that it’s “very different” to how she remembers.

“It’s great, fantastic. It’s a completely different place, of course, because the last time I was here it was 2012 and it was before they moved. It’s very, very new,” she explained.

It was recently revealed that Wendy will be playing a part in Abi Webster’s ongoing storyline.

In next week’s episodes, Abi is told that she’ll have to re-apply for custody of her baby son Alfie if she wants him back.

Kerr explained what Wendy has been up to for the last decade, and just how her return will impact Abi.

“Wendy has been working as a fosterer in the interim and more recently, she has been doing this mother and baby suitability assessing,” said the actress.

“She is teaching Abi parenting skills, and assessing how suitable she’d be to have Alfie back with her full time. It’s a big change, I love it and I think it’s fantastic.”

Kerr has been working in theatre since leaving Corrie. As a result, she confessed that it’s been tough to keep up on all that’s been happening on the ITV soap.

“It’s tricky when you are working in theatre because you are not available all the time, but I can get stuff on catch-up,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kerr went on to share how much she’s enjoyed working alongside Abi actress Sally Carmen.

“Oh yes, she’s great and fantastic. We have some friends in common, which is really nice. I’ve worked with a theatre company that Sally has worked with so we’ve got that to chat about as well.

“She’s so friendly, it’s great. I do still know some of the cast from before, and I’ve met with people who have just started because it’s quite a small world,” she added.

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