Coronation Street

Coronation Street star Millie Gibson calls for Kelly Neelan to find love

“I’d like to see her fall in love.”

Coronation Street star Millie Gibson wants her character Kelly Neelan to find love after a traumatic year.

Over the past year, Kelly has been convicted (and acquitted) of Seb’s murder, been homeless, turned to drugs, discovered her dad Rick was murdered and lost her mother Laura to cancer.

While speaking with TV Times Magazine, Gibson said that all she wants for Kelly now is for her to find love.

“I’d like to see her fall in love,” she shared. “She has had such bad experiences with men and I think she needs someone to calm her down. But if she was hurt, I don’t think she’d give them a second chance. I feel sorry for anyone who’s her ex!”

The actress also went on to share that she hopes the truth about Gary killing Kelly’s father comes out.

“I think it has to,” she said. “There’s only so long she can live with her dad’s killer and see him as this father figure. I think she’d be very sneaky if she found out; she’d have a little moment to herself and then come up with a plan for revenge!

“He let her think her mum did it, and she doesn’t have that final memory of being with her mum when she died. I think that will take more of a toll on her than the actual murder. People say that finding out the truth might break Kelly… but who knows?”

Gibson was named Best Young Performer at the 2022 British Soap Awards on Friday (June 11) for her portrayal of Kelly Neelan.

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