Coronation Street

Coronation Street star Elle Mulvaney explains Amy Barlow’s surprising new romance

Coronation Street’s Elle Mulvaney has opened up about Amy Barlow’s surprise new romance with Jacob Hay, admitting her character “sees the kinder side” to him.

The pair’s secret relationship is set to be uncovered next week as Amy approaches her birthday, with drug dealer Jacob arrested after Steve and Tracy find him in their home – the truth about the romance unknown to them.

Given his dodgy past and how his involvement with drugs has plagued her family, notably with cousin Simon, Elle has admitted that Amy “is very conscious that people will be reluctant to accept their relationship”.

“She is also very worried that if she tells everyone who her boyfriend is that her family and friends will resent her so she is trying to avoid conflict,” the star explained.

Mostly, she fears how her parents would react, noting: “Amy really values her mum and dad’s opinions and she knows that they are quite strict at times so she is worried about what they will say, what they think and what they will do.”

Things get complicated when Steve and Tracy think Jacob has broken in, Elle revealing of Amy’s discovery from her mum: “Amy puts two and two together and she thinks, ‘Oh no! Jacob has been in the house when they have come home.’

“Amy thought that Steve and Tracy would be out all night because that’s what they had told her, so she had invited Jacob over in secret. The moment she sees that Tracy is home is the first warning sign because she wasn’t expecting to see her back at the house… and that’s when it all goes downhill!

“Amy is in utter shock, she is lost for words. She looks at Tracy like, ‘What am I going to say to her? How am I going to get around this?’ Amy is like a deer caught in headlights, she has been caught red-handed.”

When Steve catches her sneaking out of No 1 to try and bail Jacob out, “Amy thinks, ‘Not again! This is just my luck!’ Every time she tries to see Jacob, whether that’s sneaking him into her house or sneaking out to meet him, she is caught.

“Amy is in another state of shock and she knows she needs to think of an excuse immediately. Amy is good at making up excuses on her feet because she learnt from the best, her mum Tracy.”

Of Amy’s decision to lie to her dad by saying Jacob has been released by police, Elle said: “Amy is really not happy about it. She loves and values her relationship with her parents so to have to lie to them isn’t something that she wants to do.

“She feels like she is in an awkward position because she doesn’t want to lie to her parents but she doesn’t want to stop seeing Jacob so she is stuck. She knows she has to decide between being truthful to her parents and continuing her relationship with Jacob because she knows she can’t do both.”

Elaborating on what Amy sees in Jacob that others don’t, Elle mused: “Amy sees the kinder side to Jacob, she sees his personality and she sees his humour.

“Jacob has a softer side that no one else really sees whereas she does because she has spent more time getting to know him so that is why she feels a connection to him.

“Amy likes to find the good in people, her ex boyfriend Tyler was also a drug dealer so she must be looking for the good in people. I really want Amy and Jacob to work because I think they are such a good match.”

The star admitted that Tracy and Steve would “completely hit the roof” if they discovered their relationship, however, adding: “They would flip out and not be supportive in the slightest because they see Jacob for what he was; being a drug dealer and getting her cousin, Simon, involved in drugs.

“They would be very reluctant to forgive Jacob in the way that Amy has.”

As for Summer Spellman’s discovery about their relationship, Elle said of Amy’s reaction: “A part of Amy wants her friends to work it out and I think that is why she keeps on giving them hints.

“She wants them to figure it out but she is doing it in a way that she is not giving them too much information in case of their reaction. She wants to test them to see how they feel about the idea that her and Jacob are together, without actually saying it.

“When she finds out that her friends know, she is intrigued by what they think. She is not panicking but she feels awkward because she is trying to gauge their reaction. She is glad that they know and now she is trying to get them onboard.”

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