Coronation Street

Coronation Street star addresses unresolved storyline after shock scenes

Coronation Street spoilers follow from Wednesday’s episode (June 1), which some readers may prefer to avoid.

Coronation Street star Charlie de Melo has addressed the show’s unresolved Rana Habeeb storyline.

The actor’s character Imran Habeeb exited the ITV soap on Wednesday night as part of a dramatic car crash storyline.

Imran suffered a cardiac arrest and tragically died, shortly after he and his wife Toyah were involved in a road accident.

This meant that Imran passed away without ever finding out that Gary Windass was to blame for the death of his sister Rana in 2019.

Rana was killed in the Underworld roof collapse, which was caused by Gary’s secret sabotage.

When asked about this forgotten plot in a recent interview, Charlie replied: “I’ve said this before to Georgia Taylor [who plays Toyah]. I told Georgia that I was going to leave before I ever told Corrie, as I wanted to make sure that she knew first and that she could get her ducks in a row if she needed to.

“I said to her: ‘I’ve been daydreaming about what that final scene will be’. In my head, it was – at some point, somehow – Imran finding out about Gary’s responsibility for the factory collapse and inviting him to the roof for some sort of conversation.

“It would be pouring down with rain, and Gary climbing up the ladder and seeing Imran there, holding whatever piece of evidence he’s got. There’d be a scuffle at the top, Gary would let Imran go, Imran would fall and that would be the final loose end tied up there.”

Charlie pointed out that such an outcome would have undermined the recent efforts Corrie have made to redeem Gary’s character.

He said: “That would have flown in the face of the very well done and very well put together redemption of Gary Windass arc they’ve been working on, so that couldn’t possibly have worked!”

Coronation Street airs at the earlier time of 7.30pm all this week on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.