Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoilers: The Platts face a terrifying curse as Shona makes chilling discovery

There’s a problem occurring at the Platts’ household in Coronation Street as Shona (Julia Goulding) starts to believe Gail’s (Helen Worth) new ornament might actually be cursed.

With Shona wanting to relax, David (Jack P Shepherd) returns home to find incense burning and Shona flat on her back while Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) administers crystals.


Moving on.

When Bernie picks up an ornament Gail brought back from Thailand, she advises them to get rid immediately, convinced it’s responsible for all the negative energy in the house.

David is sceptical but Shona reckons she’s onto something and starts to grow suspicious.

Will Gail agree?

Viewers will remember that Gail took a trip to Thailand around the time her children were causing her a considerable amount of stress.

Since her return, life in the Platt household hasn’t been smooth sailing…is it because of the ornament?

Could we see nothing but happiness and positivity from the Platts if Gail bins it?

Well, this is Coronation Street…so probably not.