Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoilers: Sarah Platt receives a death threat!

Sarah Platt learns that Adam didn't send her flowers.

Airs at 7:30pm on Wednesday 9 February 2022 on ITV.

Adam’s enemy turns his attentions to Sarah Platt in tonight’s first episode of Coronation Street.

Adam covers when he receives another anonymous phone call and assures Sarah Platt that they have heard the last of Jeremy. Later, he confides in Imran about the phone calls but ignores his advice to report them to the police.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Gail are taken aback to find a large bouquet of flowers in a vase. Sarah is thrilled by Adam’s gesture but he’s baffled when she thanks him for the flowers.

Fishing out the card, they are aghast to read the threat, “Next bouquet will be for your funeral.” Sarah and Adam deduce that, because the flat door was deadlocked, whoever left the flowers could still be there…

Sarah Platt reads the terrifying note.

Amy reaches her eighteenth birthday and Steve, Tracy, Emma, and Carla set up the bistro for her surprise party. Steve and Tracy nip home to No.1 for a candle for the cake and, finding the chain on the front door, they spot someone inside through the letterbox.

Steve races round the corner and, intercepting the intruder’s escape, tackles him to the ground in Rosamund Street. Steve and Tracy are shocked when his hood drops to reveal Jacob. Has Amy’s mystery man finally been unmasked?

Tracy and Steve uncover the identity of Amy’s boyfriend.

Kelly feigns illness in front of Gary and Maria in order to skip school. Later, Kirk reveals to Gary that he saw her out and about late last night and recalling Kelly felt rough earlier, Gary and Maria fear Kelly’s back on drugs. But is there another reason for her strange behaviour?

Roy offers to accompany a grateful Nina to her doctor’s appointment. David chats to Shona and predicts a bleak future for Max.