Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoilers: Max Turner in GRAVE danger!

Will someone find Max Turner before it's too late?

Airs at 7:30pm on Friday 29 April 2022 on ITV.

In tonight’s hour-long episode of Coronation Street Max Turner finds his life hanging in the balance.

With the weight of the world on his shoulders and feeling guilty about Amy, Max has a huge fall out with David who has confiscated his phone. As he asserts that he hates him, David retaliates by saying Max’s mum would be ashamed of him if she were alive.

Planning to run away, Max smashes the glass on the barber’s door and climbs in, hoping to retrieve his phone. But as he climbs out of the barber’s, he lacerates his leg on the broken glass in the door and collapses onto the street. Will Max be found in time?

Meanwhile, at Toyah’s hen do Leanne tells her that she has her blessing and if she is sure she wants to marry Imran, she’ll be by her side. The sisters hug, each burying their concerns.

Lenne and Toyah out their differences aside.

In Speed Daal, Adam and Craig join Imran for his stag do, but the mood is ruined when Abi approaches and tells Imran that despite the fact that the money has run dry and her lawyer has walked, she still intends to fight him every step of the way for custody of Alfie.

Abi tells Imran she’s up for the fight.

Aggie reveals that she’s been drafted to a different ward in the hospital and her new boss, Mr Thorne, is known to be a stickler. But having met the charming Mr Thorne, Aggie is surprised to receive such a warm welcome.

Aggie meets her new boss.

Outside the shop, Jacob makes a furtive call giving Simon cause to think that he’s planting drugs in Victoria Garden for a client. Simon confronts him and demands he hand over his stash. When Jacob reveals that he was planting a packet of custard creams, Simon realises he’s been duped.

As Jacob describes his life of hell working for Harvey and how he grabbed the opportunity to escape as soon as Harvey was banged up, Simon looks at him in a new light.

Alya tells Stu that as part of Eid she plans to cook up some extra food in the restaurant kitchen and share it with the community. When Yasmeen offers to help, Alya’s pleasantly surprised. When Stu tells Zeedan about the charity food event, he wishes he could help out too.