Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoilers: Lydia Chambers twists the knife

Airs at 8:30pm on Wednesday 23 February 2022 on ITV.

Lydia is thrilled to see she’s getting to Sarah and Adam in tonight’s second episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Sarah tells Lydia Chambers about the online abuse Adam’s being subjected to and Lydia makes out to Sarah that her ex won’t stop hounding her with texts.

Outside Victoria Court, Sarah and Adam row over Lydia and she listens in, intrigued.

Cracks appear in Sarah and Adam’s relationship.

Kevin leaps in the camper van and roars off down the street. Did Abi tell him the truth about who she really slept with? And it is over between the two of them?

A loved-up Amy and Jacob share a kiss and agree to carry on seeing each other in secret. But is someone watching them and ready to spill their secret?

Jacob and Amy continue to hide their relationship

A smug Tracy sets out the bottles of wine that Ken bought her on the table and invites Steve and Mary to join him for a tasting session, unaware that Stu has swapped the expensive bottles for cheap ones.

At No.1, Mary, Steve and Tracy struggle with the disgusting selection of wines on offer. Meanwhile, Stu explains to Yasmeen that he’s bought her a brazier. Thinking he said “brassiere”, Yasmeen’s taken aback. But as they warm themselves in front of the new brazier, Stu pours Yasmeen a mug of Ken’s posh wine.

Izzy tears a strip off Linda for trying to prise Joseph away from his family. Later, In the Rovers, Bernie and Linda trade insults while Fergus tries, but fails, to keep the peace.