Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoilers: Lydia Chambers kills Adam?

Adam lies unconscious on the floor.

Airs at 7:30pm on Monday 21 March 2022 on ITV.

Lydia Chambers pushes Adam over the balcony in tonight’s hour-long episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

When Sarah invites Adam to Harry’s birthday party he reckons she’s thawing, but his good mood is short-lived when she announces she’s filed for divorce. With Sarah distracted, Adam texts Lydia Chambers from her phone.

Meeting Lydia in a coffee shop, he presses record on his phone but she sees through him and, snatching his phone, presses delete. Asserting he’s had enough of her games, Adam tries to wrestle his phone back, but as Lydia lets go, the phone smashes to the floor.

Lydia rails at Adam for his treatment of her all those years ago and he feels a pang of guilt. But when Adam suggests it’s time she told Sarah the truth, Lydia’s seething, realising it’s still the same old Adam and all he cares about is himself.

As Daniel scours the shopping centre for Adam, having heard from Sarah he’s gone to meet Lydia, he hears a noise from the balcony. In a rage, Lydia slaps Adam and gives him an almighty shove. As Adam topples backwards over the railings, Lydia watches with horror!

Lydia pushes Adam over the balcony railings.

Amy shows Ken the budget she’s drawn up and asks if he’ll release the money from Deirdre’s trust fund to pay for her degree. Ken agrees but as he prepares to transfer the cash, Steve begs him to think again. Will Ken backtrack?

Later, Steve’s not happy to find that Dev has given Amy a job at the kebab shop, pointing out she’s living with Jacob, the guy who sold drugs out of the chippy.

Steve tries to scupper Amy’s plans.

The private investigator asks Gary some difficult questions about his dealings with Rick. In the Rovers, Laura knocks back wine and morphine tablets, admitting she’s done nothing but let Kelly down. As she stumbles out of the pub, Gary comes to her rescue, worried to realise she’s been drinking on top of her medication.

Gary gets a grilling from the PI. 

When Maria reveals that she’s put her forward for Trainee Stylist of the Year at the North West Hairdressing Awards, Kelly’s gobsmacked.

Phill tells Maria he has a plan to turn her campaign around, with Kirk dressed in his Buzzer the Bee costume, Phill produces a confidential report proving that the council are covering up the dangers of local air pollution.