Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoilers: Elaine Jones finds something suspicious

Elaine Jones starts to worry Tim

Airs at 8:30pm on Wednesday 16 February 2022 on ITV.

Elaine Jones is left puzzled in tonight’s second episode of Coronation Street.

Elaine Jones checks Tim’s pulse again, only to find it’s perfectly normal. Tim’s relieved whilst a puzzled Elaine consults her course work. Will she find something even more worrying about Tim’s results?

Elaine Jones’ imagination runs wild

Amy is firm as she makes it clear to Steve that if she wants to see Jacob, she’s a grown-up and it’s her decision and not his.

Later, Leanne calls at No.1 and rails at Amy for getting involved with Jacob but will she stand firm in her decision to date him, or will she start to rethink her future with the Street’s bad boy?

Amy receives a text telling her that Jacob’s been arrested for supplying fake IDs and in the cafe, Simon tells her that he’s responsible for Jacob’s arrest. In the backyard of No.1, Amy tells Jacob that she’s no choice but to end their relationship. Will Jacob accept her decision or will his dark side come out again?

David is visibly shaking as he tells Max that until they find the person responsible for spiking Amy’s drink, he’ll be studying from home in a safe environment. Max is visibly shaken as it’s clear how triggered his father is by the incident.

When a sympathetic Linda suggests it must be hard coping with five kids, Chesney assures her it’s a doddle and Joseph looks at him with incredulity. Will Linda smell a rat and ask Chesney and Emma if they need her help?