Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoilers: Desperate Ryan robs the bistro – but will he get caught?

Ryan and Debbie are both skint (Picture: ITV)

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) thought his dream had finally come true in Coronation Street tonight.

The former DJ has been seeking an opportunity to return to Ibiza for years now, but lack of money has meant he’s stayed in Weatherfield working at the bistro, the pub, and Speed Daal.

Last week, a drunk Debbie (Sue Devaney) admitted to Ryan that she barely has a penny to her name.

She put forward the idea of staging a break-in at the bistro and claiming on the insurance but tonight, she changed her mind.

Ryan was very annoyed Debbie had destroyed his chance of leaving the cobbles for good, so he followed through with the plan on his own.

Desperate for cash herself, Debbie eventually joined in with Ryan, ushering customers to the pub after the electric went out.

Alone in the restaurant, Ryan stashed the cash in a bag and prepared to leave – but Leanne (Jane Danson) arrived.

Quick-thinking Ryan managed to exit the bistro without getting caught and returned to inform Debbie he had the cash in his bedroom.

Next came the inevitable. Leanne entered the office to see the safe had been opened, so the police had to be called.

Ryan is very confident the theft and claiming on the insurance will be a success – but is he about to get caught?

If Debbie finds herself in trouble, will she shop Ryan to save herself?

Will he end up regretting this?