Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoilers: Chesney Brown gets an unwelcome visitor

Chesney Brown panics when Linda arrives

Airs at 7:30pm on Wednesday 16 February 2022 on ITV.

Chesney Brown feels awkward when an unwelcome visitor shows up at the front door in tonight’s first episode of Coronation Street

Chesney Brown and Bernie finally bury the hatchet and agree to start afresh. Things feel like they are finally getting back on track but Chesney and Gemma are taken aback when Joseph’s Gran, Linda, calls at No.5, and Chesney is left lying through his teeth that bringing up five kids is easy. Will Linda buy it?

Linda makes an unwelcome visit

The nurse tells Steve and Tracy that Amy should make a full recovery and that whoever put her in the recovery position saved her life. Asha reveals it was Jacob and he assures Steve that he didn’t spike Amy’s drink and only realised what was happening when she suddenly collapsed.

But Steve refuses to listen and assuming Jacob is bad news he orders him to stay away from Amy in the future. Later, a police officer questions Amy about the spiked drink when there is a sudden commotion in the corridor, and Tracy and Amy dash out just in time to see Steve punching Jacob!

Daniel and Daisy agree to give their relationship another go. Later, David urges Daniel to lean on the school to conduct a full investigation and find out who spiked Amy’s drink as there’s clearly a predator on the loose.

In the factory, Lydia says she has food poisoning, and Sean, Beth and Kirk advise her to go home. As part of her course work, Elaine checks Tim’s pulse and wrongly assesses the results. Is Tim about to be rushed to hospital again?!