Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoilers: Amy Barlow suddenly collapses!

Amy Barlow hits the club and then the floor

Airs at 7:30pm on Monday 14 February 2022 on ITV.

Amy Barlow collapses during a night out with Jacob in tonight’s first episode of Coronation Street.

Jacob approaches Amy Barlow, Asha, and Summer and suggests they go clubbing in town after the Valentine’s Dance and they eagerly agree. Amy, Asha, Summer, and Aadi meet up with Jacob outside a club but once the group gets inside, Amy becomes increasingly woozy as the other look on with worry.

Suddenly, Amy collapses and Jacob yells at Asha, Aadi, and Summer to call an ambulance. Has Amy taken something she shouldn’t have?

Amy Barlow starts to feel woozy on the dance floor

When Bernie offers them a voucher for Speed Daal, Gemma’s thrilled. But when Yasmeen reveals that the voucher isn’t valid on Valentine’s Day, Chesney’s furious.

Later, Gemma reveals that all the reward money was returned and Dev gave the anonymous donation to a homeless charity.

Bernie’s gift isn’t what Chesney and Gemma hoped for

In the factory, Lydia opens a gift bag and pulls out the set of sexy lingerie, making out it’s from her ex and she’s confused by his mixed messages. Sarah hopes she’ll be getting something similar from Adam but when he calls her and cancels their Valentine’s date she’s left fuming and realises she’ll be spending Valentine’s day alone…

At No.4, Sally suggests to Tim they have a naughty game of landlords and tenants. When Elaine points out that Tim needs to relax and any sex is out of the question, Sally’s furious. Can Sally get her marriage with Tim back on track after all their recent drama with Elaine constantly under the same roof?