Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoilers: Abi Franklin hits the headlines!

Abi Franklin chooses feels all alone until Kevin arrives.

Airs at 8pm on Wednesday 16 March 2022 on ITV.

In tonight’s hour-long episode of Coronation Street (8pm see our TV Guide for full listings) will Abi tell Kevin who the daddy is?

After seeing Abi Franklin’s story in the Gazette, Debbie demands answers, assuming the baby to be Kevin’s. But Abi hurries out, explaining the baby is having an operation today and she doesn’t have time to talk.

As Abi waits for news of the operation, she’s stunned to see Kevin in the hospital corridor and she breaks down as he takes her in his arms. With Kevin assuming the baby is the result of her one-night stand with Tez, Abi goes along with the lie. The nurse confirms that Alfie’s operation went well. Kevin offers to let her stay at No.13 until she’s won custody, giving Abi hope…

Abi hopes a future with Kevin is on the cards.

Nicky confides in Daniel that her trial session with the class didn’t go well, and he tells Daisy that Nicky failed to get the job. Daisy masks her relief. 

Meanwhile, sick of being treated like the bad guy, Adam knocks back drinks and flirts with a girl, telling her his wife died in a car crash. Having received a text from Daisy, Daniel arrives and explains that Adam’s wife is still very much alive. Drunk and morose, Adam announces he’s going into town. 

Daniel fails to get through to a drunk Adam.

When Aggie finds Ed perusing the racing pages in the hope of winning £10k, she’s horrified to realise Grace’s threats could trigger Ed’s gambling. Asserting it’s time to tell Michael, they break the news that Grace is blackmailing them and the only reason she’s back is for more money, not because she wants to see Glory. How will Michael react? And what will Grace have to say when confronted? 

Amy tells Jacob she’ll try and swerve her parents so they can meet up later. But when she tells Steve she’s off to Emma’s, he reveals he’s just seen her heading to the tram station. Thwarted, Amy dashes out to the ginnel and explains to Jacob that she can’t see him as her Dad’s at home and he heads off, fed up.