Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoiler video: Platt family horrified by Audrey’s revelation

Well, that put a dampener on the evening (Picture: ITV)

Their faces say it all – the Platt family are about to be left with a sour taste in their mouths during a meal with matriarch Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls).

The Coronation Street clan are all smiles and full of ‘how nice it is to be together’ sentiments – but they really all want to know what Audrey has planned for her will.

She gushes to her family that she is so proud of them all – before getting in a dig that not all of them could be as successful as Stephen (Todd Boyce) – but then pledges to put them out of their misery.

Well, that put a dampener on the evening (Picture: ITV)

But the misery just grows when she announces that her estate will go to WARTs – Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders – of which her late Alf was a member.

As she smiles that Alfie loved his WARTs, there is a feeling of dismay across the table as Audrey reasoned that they don’t need her money as they are doing so well.

‘She has called a family meeting as she has updated her will,’ legendary Corrie stalwart Sue told us.

‘They are all excited wanting a piece of the pie and she knows this so she tells them that they are all doing OK so she has decided to leave it WARTS as it meant so much to Alf.

‘And as expected they are all horrified! Then she walks away and Stephen finds her in Victoria Gardens and she confides in him that she was just doing it to teach them all a lesson because she feels like they are just waiting for her to die.

‘She goes back and tells them that she has taken advice and has decided to put it all into trust with Stephen as the executor and they are quite horrified at that!’

It seems like there’s no pleasing this lot!

Will anything smooth the tension brewing in the family?