Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoiler: Peter turns violent with Mr Thorne

Things get out of hand.

Episode 10,634 – 10,635 | Airs Monday 09 May 2022 at 20:00 on ITV

When Peter and Carla find out what Mr Thorne did, Peter angrily demands an apology. Peter declares that he’s going to put a stop to his abuse of power.

Peter finds Mr Thorne in a restaurant. Mr Thorne winds Peter up, so Peter loses his temper and punches him.

The police arrest Peter. At the police station, Peter is charged with assault.

Meanwhile, Summer reveals to Aadi that she has joined a diabetes support group. Later, when he suggests to Summer they could try again, Summer admits she has fallen for someone else.

Summer meets up with Aaron from the diabetes support group and opens up about her bulimia. Aaron’s taken aback and Summer worries that she has scared him off.

Elsewhere, Kelly finds Abi in Seb’s memorial garden.

Also today, George reveals that he suffers from sleep apnea and shows Eileen the mask provided by the doctor.

Finally, Sarah tells Kirk that from now on, all he has to do is answer the phone. Jacob answers the call, and pretending he’s Kirk, efficiently takes the client’s order. Sarah tells Carla that Kirk has secured a huge order with Danny Mintoff who has been giving them the runaround for years. How will Jacob react?

Summer meets up with Aaron. They recently got to know each other at the diabetes support group.
Summer has a romantic interest in Aaron. When Aadi suggested trying again earlier on, Summer told him that she’d fallen for someone else.
Summer opens up to Aaron about her bulimia. Aaron is taken aback
Summer becomes worried. She fears that her honesty may have scared Aaron off.
Kelly challenges Imran. She casts doubt on Ben’s claims that he saw Abi buying drugs.
Kelly gives Abi’s side of the story. Abi is adamant that no drugs changed hands.
Kelly doesn’t realise that Imran is in on the scam. Imran is willing to let Ben lie about Abi in order to improve his custody chances.
Peter is furious with Mr Thorne. Mr Thorne has been boasting about how he rushed Peter’s liver transplant to win a bet.
Peter punches Mr Thorne. He loses his temper.
Everyone watches on in shock. Peter may have made a big mistake.
Peter is taken away by the police. He’s arrested and charged with assault.
Kirk gets the credit for Jacob’s skills. Sarah praises Kirk for securing a huge order from Danny Mintoff, who has been giving Underworld the runaround for years.
Jacob is put out as he secured the sale. Earlier, he picked up the phone and pretended to be Kirk.