Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoiler: Linda has a shocking idea

Lydia continues to lie to Sarah

Episode 10,568 | Airs Monday 21 February 2022 at 19:30 on ITV

Linda calls at No.5 and offers to pay for Joseph to attend the activity club. As an excited Joseph heads off with Granny Linda, Bernie confides in Gemma that she doesn’t like Linda.

Linda returns home with Joseph to be greeted by Bernie, who explains that two of the quads are ill. When Linda suggests Joseph can stay with her at her swanky hotel, Joseph’s thrilled.

Linda tentatively suggests to Chesney that it’s clear they’re struggling and it might be best if Joseph came to live with her in Portugal.

Linda offers to pay for Joseph to attend the activity club

Meanwhile, Max approaches Daniel in the café, and after apologising for all the grief he’s given him, asserts that he’ll be returning to school next week.

Elsewhere, Kevin and Jack reveal to Abi that they’ve booked a holiday in Bridlington for after the adoption hearing by way of celebration.

Also, having opened his Speed Daal wage packet, Stu insists it’s time he started paying Yasmeen rent. As Tracy brags to Jenny and Stu about the fine wine tasting experience Ken got her for Christmas, Stu’s taken aback by her rudeness.

Finally, in the factory, Lydia lies to Sarah, telling her she tried to finish with her married man but he refuses to accept it’s over.