Coronation Street

Coronation Street shares first look at Sean Tully’s next romance storyline

Coronation Street has shared a first look at Sean Tully’s new romance. In upcoming scenes Sean will reveal that he has a new crush and with a little encouragement from Eileen he will bag himself a date with his latest romantic interest.

After meeting Laurence, a handsome dentist, Eileen has her suspicions that Sean is pining for him.

George’s sister Glenda vows to hunt down the dentist and new love interest on Sean’s behalf but this irritates Eileen.

Later George is surprised to find Laurence hanging about outside the undertakers and takes a leaf out of his sister’s book by playing Cupid for Sean.

George tells Sean he’s bagged him a date with Laurence, much to the delight of Glenda and Mary, while Dylan reckons he can’t be any worse than Sean’s most recent ex Frank.

As Laurence waits in the bistro, Sean declares to Eileen, Mary and Glenda that he’s putting his son Dylan first by swearing off men. However, Dylan orders his dad to meet Laurence and the two hit it off. Could this be the start of Sean’s happy ending finally?

Sean was previously romantically involved with bully Frank but decided to break it off with him ​ after learning of his past bullying of George Shuttleworth.

Frank actor Simon O’Brien previously spoke to and other media about his character, explaining: “You get these characters in school, who will come to you in later years with a big smiley ‘Hello’ and you’re thinking: ‘Don’t, you made my life a misery.’

“But they’re utterly, utterly unaware. That’s certainly the case with Frank – he just does not get the fact that he has traumatised George.”

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