Coronation Street

Coronation Street reveals major character blamed after shock death

The aftermath of the car crash turns deadly.

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Kevin Webster has been blamed following the shock death of Imran Habeeb in Coronation Street.

The surprising arrest came after Imran and Toyah were injured in a severe car accident earlier in the week.

Wednesday’s dramatic half-hour opened with Imran desperately calling for help, as the scaffolding they’d crashed into was looking dangerously close to collapsing on top of their car.

“This whole thing is going to come down and I need to get my wife out of this car,” he shouted to the 9-9-9 operator.

Imran refused to wait, instead forcing his way out of the drive-side door. His actions caused the scaffolding to begin falling so he was only just able to free Toyah before it crashed on top of their car.

With Toyah still unconscious, Imran held her close and begged her to wake up. Soon, Craig was on the scene to rush Toyah to the hospital in an ambulance.

Though Imran demanded to ride in the ambulance with Toyah, he soon collapsed and was tended to by medics on the scene. Paramedics used chest compressions in a failed attempt to revive Imran.

Over at the hospital, Leanne was given the encouraging news that Toyah had been stabilised, but she was horrified to find out that Iman had indeed died from a heart attack at the scene.

Kevin and Abi learned of the wreck when they went to the restaurant to visit Alfie, only to almost immediately worry over Kevin’s recent work on Imran’s car.

“It was fixed,” Kevin swore.

Back at the hospital, Leanne told a detective all about Kevin working on Imran’s car hours after Abi had been caught red-handed trying to do a runner with the baby.

“They have clearly messed with the brakes. This is all their fault,” Leanne alleged.

As a result of this damning information, police showed up at Kevin’s door to take him to the station where he’d have to answer questions about this “very serious matter”.

Is Kevin actually guilty?

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