Coronation Street

Coronation Street reveals Imran’s plan ahead of Abi custody battle

Will Imran resort to underhand measures?

Lastnight’s (April 15) episode of Coronation Street saw Imran and Abi clash over custody of baby Alfie.

Ahead of the custody battle next week, Abi warned Imran she will fight for custody of Alfie, prompting Imran to get Toyah on side and the pair met with a social worker to discuss the next steps.

Having later seen Imran and Toyah together near Roy’s Rolls cafe, Abi was angered having figured out the two were back together, which led to a public altercation and further threats of custody, before Roy attempted to assuage her.

Back at the house, Toyah raised concerns about their plans that don’t seem right by the baby. “What if it’s not right for Alfie coming here?” Toyah began, to which a concerned Imran replied: “You saw Abi – she’s unstable.”

“Because of losing him,” Toyar interjected. “Because of the drugs,” Imran corrected.

Defending his case, he went on: “What if he came to harm, we’d regret that for the rest of our lives,” before Toyah reminded him Abi had discussed changing her ways but he insisted the “best chance” Alfie has at life is with them.

Meanwhile, Abi sought the help of her solicitor Elliot who told him she wants full custody of her son. When asked whether she’s clean, Abi replied mockingly: “Yes, Your Honour” and was made to promise not to give Imran any more ammunition.

Later, Abi caught Imran outside his office and warned him: “You won’t win,” before Imran insisted she will “always be a part of Alfie’s life”. Abi informed him Elliot has “plenty” for a case and will see him in court, rendering him exasperated.

After leaving a quick message for Toyah on the phone reminding her that his plan was in Aflie’s best wishes, he discovered a Fretwell Solicitor Ltd business card with Ben Chancellor’s contact details and proceeded to dial the phone.

Will Imran resort to underhand measures to win custody of Alfie?