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Coronation Street reveals first look at Steve and Jacob punch scene

Steve sees red over Jacob’s relationship with Amy.

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street‘s Steve McDonald and Jacob Hay are set to come to blows over the former drug dealer’s relationship with Steve’s daughter Amy.

In tonight’s (February 16) episode, Steve will order Jacob to stay away from Amy after her drink was spiked in a club.

Due to his past with drugs, the suspicion falls on Jacob, who protests his innocence to the Barlows. However, Steve, wishing to protect his daughter, will take action to end their relationship.

Speaking about the dramatic scenes, actor Jack James Ryan, who plays Jacob, described how his character is feeling as Steve orders him to stay away from Amy.

“Jacob is absolutely gutted because he really does like Amy,” Jack said. “He has genuine feelings towards her and he sees this new life and a new beginning for himself with Amy so when Steve tells him he can’t see her anymore he feels a lot of emotion and it crushes him.

“What Jacob and Amy have is something really special and it makes him feel wanted, which is something he has never had or felt in his life before. He doesn’t want to go against Steve but he sees a future with Amy and he really wants to fight for her.”

Speaking about the moment that Steve punches Jacob, which takes place in the hospital, Jack continued: “All Jacob wants to do is see Amy but Steve wants him to have nothing to do with his daughter. Jacob is being persistent and he brings sandwiches and crisps for Steve and Tracy to try and help.

“Steve asks Jacob to leave but Jacob is pleading with Steve to let him stay. Steve’s son, Oliver, is mentioned so Steve sees red and punches Jacob. Jacob is totally shocked by this; he is totally surprised and didn’t expect Steve to do that.

“Jacob is so disappointed because now he knows at this point, it’s going to be near impossible to win them over. But Jacob is going to continue to fight for Amy.”

Jack said that it was “really exciting” to film the scenes with veteran Corrie actor Simon Gregsonadding that the pair had a fight arranger and worked on different ideas of how to make it look good on camera.

“I think we came up with something that looks really cool,” he added. “It is difficult to get the angles right when filming these sorts of scenes – you can’t just punch an actor! So it has to be done in the right way.

“It’s very precise so we did a few takes before we felt we had got it spot on and perfect. In the end, everyone was really happy with it and I am really excited to see the end result myself.”

Due to COVID, restrictions, the two actors were put into a ‘bubble’ which Jack says “helped massively” because they could get close to each other.

He added: “I was also all padded up for the fall so I didn’t hurt or break anything!”

Jack also said what advice he would give to Jacob if he was his friend.

“I think he needs to win the respect of Steve and not just through what he says but his actions as well,” Jack said.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day so Jacob needs to know that it’s going to take a bit of time for Steve to see Jacob’s true colours and to see what he is about, it’s going to be a long road.”

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