Coronation Street

Coronation Street releases new trailer for Imran Habeeb’s baby discovery

“Is it mine? Am I the father?”

Coronation Street has released a new trailer for the upcoming week’s episodes, as Abi Franklin’s baby story continues, and Imran Habeeb makes the discovery that she really didn’t want him to discover.

Abi and Imran had a drunken one-night stand after an emotionally devastating murder trial last year, and six months later, Abi gave birth early. She tried to abandon it, having recently relapsed and fearing she’ll mess the baby’s life up, but was convinced by Toyah Battersby (Imran’s other half) to fight to keep her child and be a good mum for her son.

But as the trailer reveals, Abi’s attempt to abandon her newborn child becomes public knowledge, Imran then finds out about it and confronts her with the question: “Is it mine? Am I the father?”

Of course, Imran ends up being the father. And while he does the right thing and promises to be there and support Abi, he does so under the guise of offering her legal advice in order to keep him being the father a secret.

“It’s the perfect cover,” Imran actor Charlie De Melo said. “It allows him to be on the ward speaking to Abi in private and in public for long stretches of time. He misses engagements entirely and he’s allowed to do that because he’s being there in a professional capacity.

“Imran is trying to fight Abi’s corner in court and make sure the custody of their son isn’t taken over.”

But will Toyah find out that Imran is the baby daddy? According to Charlie: “It’s inevitable it will have to happen.”