Coronation Street

Coronation Street films new Rick Neelan drama as Gary Windass has angry showdown

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street’s Gary Windass must have thought he had got away with the murder of Rick Neelan when Laura handed herself into the police for the murder of her ex-husband.

However, in these new set images, it’s clear to see Gary is still caught up in Rick-related drama as he’s paying off two thugs who used to work for the villainous loan shark, but why? And who for?

It’s been almost three years since Gary survived his life-or-death showdown in the woods, killing Neelan to save himself.

In an interview with, Mikey North (who plays Gary) explained in 2019: “It was self-defence. In Gary’s defence, Rick came at him with a shovel. It was literally a fight to the death, and he had to fight to survive.

“Luckily, he managed to grab a rock in time and well… he sorted him out. I think it is quite hard for Gary to take at first. I think he thought he was at rock bottom before, but this now make it even worse.”

Now, his past has come back to haunt him.

The reason for Laura taking the fall was due to her terminal illness and not having long left to live. Plus, she believed she was doing the right thing to secure a stable future for her daughter Kelly.

When talking about Gary’s admission, actres Kel Allen spoke of Laura’s shock and anger.

“It was a massive shock to Laura. She can’t believe that Rick’s dead. She hadn’t even considered that as an option, so she’s grieving for the loss of a man that she had already lost,” Allen told

“But now she knows he is dead and it is Kelly’s dad, how is she going to break the news to her?

“Laura is so angry. But you’ve then got the fact that she had planned her daughter’s future with Gary, and now he had told her that he killed Rick but it was in self-defence. Now she is questioning the real reasons that Gary took Kelly under his wing and realises it was motivated by guilt.”

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