Coronation Street

Coronation Street confirms pre-wedding chaos for Fiz Stape and Phill Whittaker

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Over on Coronation Street, Fiz recently forgave Phill for plotting to write a book about her serial killer husband John and accepted his proposal, but now there’s even more trouble for the couple…

Fiz has given Phill another chance, and is back living with him in their house, which is undergoing renovations.

The pair want to make it their dream home in upcoming scenes, but the pressure is clearly getting to Fiz, and next week we will see her admit to Phill that she is fed up with living in a building site.

This, however, is not helped by Phill admitting the break in the lounge ceiling is worse than he thought. And probably worst of all, Phill also owns up and says that he has spilled paint over the wedding invitations.

With the situation only getting more difficult, does something have to change?

Fans have been suspicious of Phill since Fiz convinced Tyrone to sell his house and give her some of the money last year, and many believe that Phill is still out to con Fiz out of thousands of pounds.

Coronation Street fans were in a complete state of shock after Phill’s horrifying disloyalty involving the book about John, and potentially even more shocked that Fiz chose to accept his proposal after it. However, it seems that Fiz and Phill’s engagement won’t be smooth sailing, as show bosses have confirmed that the Fiz/Phill/Tyrone love triangle will run throughout the year.

“It’s going to be a long, brilliant and complicated story for both of them,” producer Iain MacLeod told earlier this year.

Fans will just have to watch the chaos unfold, and wait to see what happens to the couple…

Coronation Street will air these scenes on Friday, June 10 at 8pm on ITV and on the ITV Hub.