Coronation Street

Coronation Street confirms newcomer Aaron is hiding a secret

Summer Spellman has been going through a rough time in Coronation Street as she has been struggling with an eating disorder. However, newcomer Aaron has encouraged her to open up.

The pair have been bonding recently and growing closer – and while Summer was reluctant to get too close, she admitted she liked him and told him about all the insecurities that her illness has caused her.

Aaron proved to be a rock and knew exactly what to say to put her at ease – so much so that the pair booked a romantic beach holiday together to get to know one another better.

But while Summer is happy that she’s found somebody that understands her – and who seems to be together enough to support her through the rough times – there’s more to Aaron than meets the eye.

Aaron has been so focused on helping Summer that he’s not confided in her about his own problems that he’s dealing with at home.

Will Aaron trust Summer by telling her what’s going on with him – or will he decide to keep things to himself and jeopardise the relationship in the process?

Harriet Bibby spoke recently about what her character is going through, and how the attention Summer’s illness has brought her has proved difficult to deal with.

“I think sometimes when you’re ill, attention to it becomes frustrating. She doesn’t want to be different; she doesn’t want people to treat her differently,” Harriet explained. “So, I think there’s a level of frustration with it, of people coming around to check in on her.

“Yes, it’s out of kindness. But actually, it’s frustrating because she feels like she’s not being allowed to just live her life normally. I think that’s what she’s feeling anyway.”

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