Coronation Street

Coronation Street confirms exit for Phill as Jamie Kenna says goodbye

Phill Whittaker’s (Jamie Kenna) time in Coronation Street will come to an end soon, as he the soap has confirmed Jamie’s exit.

After building up a relationship with Fiz (Jennie McAlpine), Phill was left heartbroken on their wedding day when Fiz confirmed she doesn’t love him anymore.

It was, of course, because Fiz still had feelings for Tyrone (Alan Halsall), who was over the moon when she turned up on the doorstep and reunited with him.

Fiz and Tyrone kept their relationship a secret for all of five minutes in recent episodes, convinced Phill would make the divorce proceedings ten times worse if he found out his marriage only ended because Fiz still loved her ex.

How will Phill leave? (Picture: ITV)

Phill eventually discovered the truth and vowed to make life hell for them and sadly, given this new video uploaded to the Coronation Street Twitter account, the story for Phill doesn’t end in the way he hoped.

‘Hello guys, hello all you amazing Coronation Street fans. It’s Jamie here, I’m outside the antique shop where it all began a year ago, when Phil first laid eyes on Fiz’, Jamie says in the video.

‘But sadly, as we now know, I couldn’t keep them apart any longer, the modern day Jack and Vera are reunited. Jennie and Alan are the best people to work with. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the love and support for me and Phill, I’ve had an absolutely blast. I love this place, I love this show, what a ride it’s been for big Phill with 2 L’s! Who knows, maybe it isn’t the end, maybe they’ll bring him back but for now, it’s a massive goodbye from me and sending loads of love and thank you to everyone at Corrie, all of you guys for tuning in, without you and without these guys at Corrie, there’s no way I would’ve stayed as long as I have.

‘Keep watching this brilliant show, keep this show alive, it’s the bedrock of British television, it’s iconic.

‘Look after yourselves and stay safe, I’ll see you somewhere down the road.’

Right now, we don’t know how Phill’s exit will play out, but given the fact Fiz and Ty are back together, it’s likely he will accept it’s better for him and everyone else if he starts life again away from Weatherfield.

Ah, we’ll miss you Phill with 2 L’s!

Away from Coronation Street, Jamie Kenna has already secured his next role, cast as evil Abanazar in the panto production of Aladdin.