Coronation Street

16 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Next week on Coronation Street, Stu’s behaviour terrifies Yasmeen.

Elsewhere, Ryan awaits his fate as he appears in court, while Jenny considers waving goodbye to the cobbles.

Here’s a full collection of 16 big moments coming up.

  1. News of Stu’s past spreads

After Stu’s ex-wife Lucy turned up and shared damning revelations about his past, Kelly is stunned to read gossip about the situation on social media.

Zeedan returns home from holiday and is filled in by Alya over the troubling situation. Alya explains that she’s worried about the impact on Yasmeen.

Staying loyal to her friend, Kelly vows to speak to Stu and get his side of the story.

  1. Aadi and Kelly make a worrying discovery

Aadi and Kelly soon find Stu drunk and barely conscious on the streets. Aadi jumps into action by calling an ambulance.

At the hospital, Kelly is relieved when Stu regains full consciousness. She decides that it’s time to ask some difficult questions about his past.

  1. Yasmeen leaves Stu devastated

After a tip-off from Kelly that Stu is at the hospital, Yasmeen comes to visit him. She’s glad to see that he’s okay, but refuses to hear him out over Lucy’s allegations.

Stu’s self-esteem takes a battering after Yasmeen’s visit, so he decides that Kelly is also better off without him. He tells Kelly that she’s a nuisance and he doesn’t want to see her anymore, leaving her crushed.

  1. Stu is arrested after scaring Yasmeen

Later in the week, Yasmeen arrives home and discovers Stu retrieving his watch, which he’d left in his old room. He then refuses to leave Number 6 until Yasmeen hears his side of the story.

Yasmeen discreetly sends an SOS to Zeedan, who turns up with Craig. As things get out of hand, Stu is arrested for breach of the peace.

  1. Yasmeen sets the record straight over Stephen

Yasmeen and Elaine are both pleased when Stephen offers to support their plans for a charity fundraising event. He says that he can sponsor one of the raffle prizes.

Later, Yasmeen assures Elaine that even after things went badly with Stu, she has no intention of going on another date with Stephen.

  1. Ronnie gives Ryan some advice

Ryan is charged for the Bistro robbery and told to attend magistrates’ court the following day. Craig warns that Ryan could be facing a bleak future, as the CCTV footage is damning.

Ryan desperately looks for a last-ditch solution and suggests to Debbie that they should fake CCTV footage of a masked gunman forcing him to commit the crime. Debbie dismisses the nonsensical plan.

When Ronnie catches Ryan trying to plough on regardless, he encourages him to stop playing games and accept his punishment.

  1. Ryan appears in court

As Ryan appears at the magistrates court, Ronnie arrives to support him.

Ryan pleads guilty and nervously awaits his sentencing.

  1. Jenny faces an uncertain future

Jenny has discovered that her boyfriend Leo is planning to move to Canada. She’s irritated that he didn’t bother to discuss this with her, but Daisy encourages her to join Leo when he goes.

Daisy boasts to Daniel that she’ll be running The Rovers when Jenny leaves. Jenny overhears and accuses Daisy of wanting rid of her so that she can take over the pub.

  1. Glenda makes an impact

Eileen notices that Sean is hung up on Laurence, a handsome dentist he met a few days earlier.

Glenda wastes no time before getting involved, vowing to hunt down Laurence for Sean. George is pleased that his confident sister is fitting in so well, but Eileen is annoyed by the newcomer.

  1. Sean’s love life is on the up

George manages to arrange a date for Sean and Laurence. Dylan is supportive over the potential match, pointing out that Laurence couldn’t be any worse than Frank.

Sean briefly considers quitting the dating game and putting Dylan first, but his son dismisses this and once again encourages him to go for it.

Later, Sean is pleasantly surprised when his date with Laurence at the Bistro goes well.

  1. Spider looks out for Toyah

Spider pays a visit to Toyah, who confides in him about how lonely she feels after Imran’s death.

Later, Leanne makes her own visit to Toyah and explains that Spider told her what she said. She invites Toyah to move in with her at Victoria Court. Toyah is grateful to Spider for his intervention.

  1. Spider and Toyah sleep together

Toyah tries to keep her distance from Spider when she finds a savings account that Imran opened for Alfie and gets upset. However, when Toyah later learns that Spider has been arrested at a protest, she decides to check on him.

Back at the flat, Toyah leans in for a kiss with Spider and he responds. The old flames head to the bedroom together, but Toyah feels guilty afterwards and tells Spider to leave.

  1. Leanne worries about Toyah

Spider assures Toyah that he’s happy for them to be friends. Leanne watches on, worried that Toyah could be falling for Spider.

Later, Spider makes a secretive phone call, telling the person on the other end of the phone that he can’t wait to get back. What is he hiding?

  1. Audrey reassures Dr Gaddas

Audrey attends a follow-up appointment with Dr Gaddas following the recent incident where she took too many sleeping pills.

Audrey assures Dr Gaddas that it was a genuine accident and she doesn’t need therapy to discuss how she’s feeling. Dr Gaddas suggests that Audrey could try a course of antidepressants.

  1. Stephen could be lying to his family

Stephen and Rita agree to treat Audrey by arranging for her to have a posh afternoon tea with friends at Debbie’s hotel.

Later at the café, Stephen speaks to the hotel over the phone and his card is declined. Stephen responds angrily, calling his Italian bank. Is this our first sign that Stephen’s financial situation isn’t what he claims it is?

  1. Craig’s behaviour annoys Faye

Faith tells Beth and Sally that she’s struggling with Craig’s behaviour, as he has been carrying out obsessive research over the menopause and is even trying to monitor her nutrition.

Oblivious to Faye’s irritation, Craig takes her out for a meal at the Bistro and checks over the menu for beneficial foods.

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