Coronation Street

13 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week
What’s next on the cobbles?

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week on Coronation Street, suspicions grow over Toyah’s actions on the day of Imran’s death.

Elsewhere, Fiz realises that she may have to move back to the cobbles, while the aftermath of the school cheating scandal continues.

Here’s a full collection of 13 big moments coming up.

  1. Toyah faces suspicion at Imran’s funeral

Toyah delivers a heartfelt eulogy at Imran’s funeral. As Toyah says that she wishes Imran had survived the car crash rather than her, Adam and Alya both seem sceptical.

Once the service is over, Peter warns Toyah that Adam has made an allegation against her. He also reveals that the police have questioned him about her past desperation for a baby and the Susie saga.

  1. Toyah faces the police again

Toyah takes matters into her own hands by heading back to the police station, telling DS Swain there are things they need to talk about.

Later in the week, Toyah is still being held by the police and Leanne starts to worry about her sister. Toyah makes it clear that she didn’t intend to kill Imran or herself, so won’t lie to that effect.

  1. Jack is surprised by Kevin’s past

Kevin is determined to stand by Abi as she continues to fight for custody of baby Alfie. Debbie encourages Kevin to think carefully before he makes such a big commitment.

As they continue to talk, Jack overhears how he was conceived when Kevin had an affair with Molly behind Tyrone’s back. Jack is surprised, as Kevin hasn’t spoken to him about this before.

  1. Abi receives news on Alfie’s future

Abi learns that she’ll have to formally re-apply for custody of Alfie if she wants him back. She doesn’t have much time to build her case, as the hearing will take place the following day.

Abi also learns that the best option she can hope for is that she wins custody of Alfie under the supervision of a foster carer. It’s clear that there’s still a long road ahead for Abi and her hopes of raising Alfie.

  1. Abi meets Wendy Crozier

When Abi appears in court, the judge rules that Alfie should be placed with her in a mother and baby foster facility. This will allow Abi to be assessed to see how she’s coping with Alfie.

Abi is introduced to Wendy Crozier, who’ll be the foster carer. As Abi mentions that she’s from Coronation Street, Wendy keeps quiet about her own links to the cobbles.

  1. Brian proposes to Cathy

Brian continues his attempts to win over Cathy about his plans for them to start a new life in Cornwall together. Evelyn spots that Cathy is far from enthusiastic, so she tips off Brian that he needs to take a more romantic approach.

Brian takes this on board and suggests to Cathy that they should get married. Cathy says yes after giving it some thought, but Evelyn still senses that all is not well between the couple.

  1. Brian makes one last plea

When things between them turn sour, Brian tells Cathy that he doesn’t want to lose her.

Brian explains that he has put an offer on a house in Cornwall and still wants her to join him there, but will she agree?

  1. The Aadi drama continues

Aadi has everyone’s sympathy after he was wrongly accused of cheating in an exam thanks to Summer. Asha and Amy both rebuke Summer for treating Aadi badly.

Things look up for Summer when Aaron assures her that he’ll be there for her as a friend.

  1. Fiz needs help from Tyrone

Phill has more bad news for Fiz over their renovations, telling her that the entire house needs rewiring as it’s a death trap.

Tyrone suggests that Fiz and the girls should move back into Number 9 until the work is complete. Even Phill agrees that it’s for the best.

  1. Phill breaks more bad news

Phill tells Fiz that his meddling mother will be able to attend their wedding after all. He also reveals that she’d like to be involved in the preparations.

Fiz is adamant that this isn’t an option. While Fiz is happy for Mimi to be at the wedding, she warns that this is where it ends.

  1. Gail worries about Audrey’s drinking

Gail looks through a collection of empty wine bottles in the recycling bin. She confides in Shona, expressing her fears that Audrey is drinking too much.

Later, when Audrey struggles to find any more wine in the cupboards, Shona tips her off that Gail has hidden it.

  1. Bernie detects a curse

During a visit to the Platt house, Bernie shows her belief in the supernatural by expressing concerns over an ornament that Gail brought back from Thailand.

Bernie suggests that the Platts should get rid of it, declaring it as the source of all the negative energy in the house. Shona reckons Bernie’s curse theory could be true, but David reckons she’s talking rubbish. Where will Gail stand on this?

  1. Debbie makes a concerning discovery

Debbie confronts Nick and Leanne at the Bistro over a discrepancy in the business accounts.

Debbie points out that £4,000 has gone missing. Will she get to the bottom of it?

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