Coronation Street

13 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week

What’s next on the cobbles?

Next week on Coronation Street, there’s more drama for Abi as her baby storyline continues.

Elsewhere, Grace returns to cause trouble for the Baileys, and Amy braces herself for a backlash by going public with Jacob.

Here’s a full collection of 13 big moments coming up.

1. Imran discovers the truth

Abi confides in Toyah about how she needs to prove herself as a good mum to baby Alfie. Toyah discreetly seeks some legal advice from Imran, making out that she’s talking about a former client.

Imran guesses that Toyah is really asking on behalf of Abi, so he seeks her out at the hospital. Abi confirms that Imran is the father of the baby.

Just as Imran asks to see his son, Toyah arrives. Is it time for Imran to come clean, or will the lies continue?

2. Kevin supports Abi after another lie

Kevin supports Abi at the hospital as Alfie needs an operation. He assumes that the baby was conceived when Abi supposedly had a one-night stand with Tez. Abi goes along with this, not wanting to drop Imran in it.

Later, following the news that the operation went well, Kevin offers to let Abi stay at Number 13 until she has secured custody of Alfie. This gives Abi fresh hope over their future as a couple.

3. Imran defends Abi

Imran tries to support Abi by paying a visit to the garage and reminding Kevin of his responsibilities as an employer.

Imran points out that, despite the messy circumstances, Kevin will still be required to give Abi the maternity pay that she’s entitled to.

4. Daisy forms a new plan

Daisy apologises to Daniel for lying to Nicky about him supposedly moving down south.

Unfortunately, her jealousy resurfaces when she finds out that Nicky wants to start working alongside Daniel at the school. Daisy forms a plan to cause trouble for Nicky and her ambitions.

Later in the week, Daisy is relieved to hear that Nicky didn’t get the job. Was this as a consequence of Daisy’s latest scheme?

5. Grace returns

Grace makes a surprise reappearance on Glory’s birthday. Michael is delighted as he’d already been trying to track her down.

Ed and Aggie fear the worst, knowing that Grace is sure to have a nasty surprise in store for them.

6. Michael finally learns the truth

When Grace demands more money from the Baileys, Ed panics and starts looking through the racing pages in the hope of winning £10,000. Aggie spots this and worries that Grace’s blackmail could send Ed back to square one with his gambling problems.

Ed and Aggie take matters into their own hands by telling Michael that Grace only returned to blackmail them, not to see Glory. Later, Michael confronts Grace.

7. Gary manipulates Laura

Laura confides in Gary about how her pain seems to be getting worse.

Although he feels guilty, Gary sees a way to turn this situation to his own advantage by encouraging Laura to cancel the PI she has hired to find Rick. He urges her to concentrate on seeing the doctor instead.

8. Jacob feels neglected by Amy

Tracy asks Amy to spend some mother-daughter time with her. Amy is secretly disappointed, knowing this will mean cancelling a planned night with Jacob.

Later in the week, Amy tries to get away from her parents to spend some time with Jacob, but her efforts are thwarted. She has to secretly see Jacob in the ginnel, explaining that he’ll have to leave as Steve is home.

As Jacob heads off, he’s clearly had enough of the ongoing secrecy surrounding their relationship.

9. Amy and Jacob go public again

Amy arranges a family lunch at the Bistro and shocks Steve and Tracy by turning up with Jacob. Tracy threatens to leave, but Steve points out that Amy is old enough to see who she wants.

Leanne is just as livid to see Amy with her boyfriend, pointing out that Jacob nearly destroyed her family. Amy is defiant and insists that she’s in love with Jacob.

10. Amy receives an ultimatum

Tensions over Amy’s new relationship hit boiling point, which leads to Jacob punching Simon.

Taking a much harsher stance than earlier on, Steve orders Amy to choose between Jacob and her family.

11. Adam hits the bottle

Adam feels isolated following Lydia’s lies, which have destroyed his marriage to Sarah. Fed up with being treated like the bad guy, Adam flirts with a stranger at The Rovers.

Adam lies to the girl by claiming that his wife died in a car crash. Following a tip-off from Daisy, Daniel arrives to intervene and reveals that Adam’s wife is very much alive.

12. Carla gives Sarah a warning

Adam takes some advice from Daniel and tries to see Sarah again. Sarah notices that Adam is hungover and sends him packing.

Adam spots Lydia on the street and confronts her, warning that he’ll prove what a liar she is.

Carla observes proceedings and warns Sarah that she should be wary of cutting Adam out of her life, as none of them really know whether Lydia can be trusted.

13. Maria feels disheartened over her campaign

Maria poses for photos in Victoria Garden, but Bernard – her rival for the council position – turns up and interrupts.

As Bernard appears with local footballers James and Ashley, the journalist gets distracted and turns away from Maria, who feels forgotten.

Later, Maria suggests that it might be time to give up as she can’t compete with Bernard’s cheap tactics. Phill reveals that he has an idea to help.