Coronation Street

13 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week

What’s next on the cobbles?

Next week on Coronation Street, Max faces a dramatic week after his latest big mistake.

Elsewhere, Imran and Toyah’s wedding plans cause a stir, while Aggie faces changes at work.

Here’s a full collection of 13 big moments coming up.

1. Daniel makes an apology

Daniel is mortified after wrongly accusing Daisy of maliciously sharing images from Nicky’s past as a sex worker. He confirms that Max was the one who was responsible, but Daisy isn’t interested in forgiving Daniel for his mistake.

Daniel also feels terrible for Nicky, who has lost her job because of Max’s behaviour. Nicky now has nowhere to live, so Daniel says she can stay with him.

2. Max is threatened by Daniel

Daniel wastes little time before confronting Max, accusing him of ruining Nicky’s life. David tries to defend Max, but Daniel points out the teen’s long line of mistakes – including the drink-spiking incident with Amy.

Daniel insists that it’s about time Amy knew the truth about who was responsible for her ordeal. He threatens to expose Max’s guilt himself unless he comes clean.

Max assures David and Shona that Daniel must be bluffing, as he has got too much to lose himself.

3. The pressure on Max increases

At school, Amy realises that one of the male students is admiring her. She becomes convinced that he could have been the one who spiked her drink, so she throws a cup of coffee over him.

Max witnesses the incident and feels guilty for his part in this. Daniel also tells David about Amy’s behaviour, reiterating that it’s time she heard the truth.

4. Max’s runaway plans end in disaster

As tensions continue to run high at the Platt house, David tells Max that his mum would be ashamed of him if she were alive today. Max decides to run away, but he breaks into the barbers to retrieve his phone first.

While making a hasty exit, Max lacerates his leg on the broken glass in the door and collapses.

5. Imran and Toyah’s wedding plans come under scrutiny

Leanne confronts Toyah over her plans to quickly marry Imran, warning that she might be making a mistake by acting so hastily.

Toyah defends her decision and threatens to ban Leanne from the wedding if she can’t be supportive.

6. Imran is threatened by Abi

At Toyah’s hen party, Leanne tries to make amends by giving her blessing over the wedding. As the Battersby sisters hug, both seem to be burying their concerns.

Meanwhile, Imran’s stag celebrations at Speed Daal are interrupted when Abi confronts him.

Abi warns that, even though her money has run dry and her lawyer has walked from the case, she still plans to fight Imran every step of the way for custody of Alfie.

7. Eileen confronts George over his secrecy

George refuses to let Eileen stay over at his house, claiming that his overprotective cat Ridley wouldn’t react well. He’s stunned to later find Eileen and Sean snooping around his garden, hoping to verify the dubious cat story.

Eileen puts pressure on George to reveal what he’s hiding, so he eventually comes clean. After hearing what the issue is, Eileen brands his behaviour ridiculous and insists that he should stay the night with her, but George remains unsure.

8. Tim and Sally struggle in the bedroom

Tim is struggling to perform in the bedroom following his triple heart bypass and his period of enforced celibacy. Sally tries to discuss the issue with Tim, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Later, Tim tells Sally that he’s worried and embarrassed, but she promises him that she’s happy to settle for a hug.

9. Sally encourages Tim to seek advice

Sally is pleased that Tim has confided in her, but she thinks that the next step should be a visit to the doctor.

Tim is initially embarrassed and refuses, but Sally is relieved when he later changes his mind and agrees to see Dr Gaddas.

10. Jacob’s new job sparks a backlash

Carla agrees to give Jacob a trial working at the factory. This angers Simon, Toyah, Nick, Leanne and Peter, who haven’t forgotten Jacob’s bad boy past.

Simon causes a scene by visiting the factory and exposing Jacob for his history as a violent drug dealer. Jacob is humiliated, but Simon refuses to back down and warns him to watch his back.

11. Simon is given food for thought

Jacob makes a secretive phone call while Simon is watching. Simon suspects that Jacob is planting drugs in Victoria Garden for a client.

Although Simon hopes to catch Jacob out, he’s thwarted when he finds out that all Jacob planted was a packet of custard creams.

Having successfully duped Simon, an emotional Jacob opens up to him over his traumatic experiences working for Harvey. Simon finally starts to see Jacob in a new light.

12. Aggie meets her new boss

Aggie is drafted to a different ward at the hospital. She’s tipped off in advance that her new boss Mr Thorne can be strict.

When Aggie meets Mr Thorne, she finds the opposite to be true as he charms her and tries to give her a warm welcome. Will it last?

13. Alya makes progress with Yasmeen

Alya decides to cook up some extra food at Speed Daal and share it out among the community as part of Eid.

When Yasmeen finds out about Alya’s plans, she puts their hostilities to one side and decides to help.

Zeedan finds out about the charity efforts and wishes that he could be part of them.