Coronation Street

12 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week

What’s next on the cobbles?

Next week’s Coronation Street will see Adam suffer a nasty accident, while Gary fears his secret will finally be uncovered.

Meanwhile, Faye worries that she might be pregnant.

Here’s a look at 12 big moments coming up.

1. Adam tries to catch Lydia out

Adam is optimistic when Sarah invites him to Harry’s birthday party but is gutted when Sarah announces that she’s filing for divorce. When Sarah is distracted, Adam texts Lydia from her phone and arranges a meeting.

Determined to trick Lydia into confessing, Adam secretly records their meeting on his phone, but Lydia sees right through his plan.

The pair wrestle for control of Adam’s phone, and after it breaks, Lydia wastes no time in blasting Adam for his past treatment of her.

2. Lydia lashes out at Adam

After hearing Lydia out, Adam begins to feel guilty. However, when he insists it’s time Lydia told Sarah the truth, Lydia sees red.

Meanwhile, having learned from Sarah that Adam has gone to meet Lydia, Daniel searches for Adam in the shopping centre and hears a commotion from the balcony.

Lydia lashes out at Adam, shoving him over the balcony railing. Lydia watches with horror as Adam crashes to the ground below.

3. Adam is rushed to hospital

After Adam is admitted to hospital, the doctor informs Ken and Daniel that Adam has suffered a bleed behind the eye and needs an operation to save his sight.

When Adam regains consciousness, the pair question Adam about Lydia’s involvement in the accident but Adam claims he doesn’t remember what happened.

Meanwhile, Peter fills Sarah in on Adam’s accident but she pretends not to care about his ordeal. Carla sees through Sarah’s act and advises Sarah to visit Adam as it’s clear she still cares about him.

4. Kelly has had enough of Laura’s behaviour

Laura hits rock bottom as she knocks back wine and morphine tablets. Gary is shocked to find her stumbling out of The Rovers in her condition and comes to her rescue.

When Aggie accidentally reveals to Kelly that Laura has been drinking on top of her medication, Kelly is furious. Kelly confronts Laura over her behaviour and demands that she leave.

5. Laura has a proposition for Gary

Determined to put things right between them, Gary presses Kelly to forgive Laura and make the most of the time they have left together.

Later, Laura asks Gary to become Kelly’s legal guardian and tells Gary that he has been a better father to Kelly than Rick ever was. How will Gary react?

6. Maria’s campaign has some unexpected consequences

Phill reveals to Maria that he has access to a confidential report that proves the council are covering up the dangers of local air pollution.

Armed with Phill’s report and enlisting Kirk’s help, Maria takes her stand against the council. Although her campaign is a success, Phill fears he may lose his job as a result.

Maria reveals to Gary that County’s new training ground has been moved as a result of her campaign. Gary is horrified to discover it’s right where he has buried Rick’s body.

7. The pressure mounts on Gary

Fearing that it’s only a matter of time before Rick’s body is unearthed, Gary reveals to Maria that he plans to move the body.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Gary also contends with the private investigator, who asks him some uncomfortable questions about Rick.

The private investigator informs Laura that the evidence suggests Rick is dead – and Gary is the likely culprit.

8. Laura confronts Gary

With time running out, Gary tries to break into the building site but is interrupted by the security guard and leaves.

Meanwhile, armed with the private investigator’s suspicions, Laura confronts Gary about his involvement in Rick’s death. Will he confess?

9. Faye and Craig’s relationship is in trouble

Beth notices Craig’s bad mood and quizzes him on whether he’s not telling the truth about his reasons for leaving the police force.

Meanwhile, Faye tries to cheer Craig up by surprising him with a night out and is disappointed when Craig knocks her back.

Trying to sort out the rift between the couple, Emma has a chat with Craig, and he admits that part of him resents Fate for ruining his career.

10. Faye worries she might be pregnant

When Faye realises that she might be pregnant, she turns to Elaine for advice. Upset, Faye admits the timing would be awful due to the current tension between her and Craig. Elaine insists that Faye take a test and find out the truth.

Later, Craig reveals to Faye that he’s going to talk to his old boss about the possibility of re-joining the police force.

11. Steve tries to ruin Amy’s plans

Having moved in with Jacob, Amy turns to Ken for financial help. She asks him to release money from Deirdre’s trust fund in order to fund her degree but when Steve realises what she’s up to, Steve begs Ken to reconsider.

Steve is further annoyed to see that Dev has given Amy a job at the kebab shop and wastes no time in letting Dev know all about Amy’s relationship and Jacob’s dodgy past.

12. Sally returns

Sally returns from her trip to Newcastle and Tim is excited to spend some time alone with her. However, Sally points out that his six-week sex ban isn’t up yet, and he’ll have to wait.

Later, Tim convinces Sally to break the rules but as the couple prepare to head to the bedroom, Elaine interrupts and thwarts their plans.